Proposed second-trimester procedure ban in Michigan

This month in Michigan, Representative Laura Cox introduced two new bills intended to further limit abortion by banning a common second-trimester medical procedure. As Teddy Wilson reports at RH Reality Check, House Bill 4833 and House Bill 4834 both target on preventing doctors from performing the common dilation and evacuation procedure more commonly known as a D&E. This procedure is used regulary for abortions after 14 weeks, and a prohibition on its use in Michigan could dramatically reduce women's options for abortion care within the state. Passage of HB 4834 would criminalize the procedure and classify it as a felony that carries a maximum of either two years in prison or a fine of $50,000. Restrictions like these place legislatures between women and their doctors and remove a procedure that is the standard for second-trimester surgical abortion care. 

References: Wilson T (2015). Michigan Republican: Ban Common Second-Trimester Abortion Procedure. RH Reality Check

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