The relationship between abortion access and achieving personal goals

In a recently published study, UCSF researchers explored the link between abortion access and a woman's ability to achieve her personal goals. Using data from the Turnaway Study, they examined information provided by 757 women in follow-up interviews one week, six months, and one year after either obtaining or being denied an abortion. Women who had obtained an abortion were compared with women who were denied an abortion because of gestational age limits who then went on to parent a child, and women who were denied an abortion but did not go on to parent a child. Women reported one-year positive life goals most often related to education, employment and a change in residence. Women who were able to obtain an abortion and women who were denied but did not go on to parent were far more likely both to report having a positive life goal and to have achieved it during that time. Ultimately, this data indicates the significant role that access to abortion can play in women's ability to plan for and achieve their aspirational goals.

References: Upadhyay UD, Biggs MA, Foster DG. The effect of abortion on having and achieving aspirational one-year plansBMC women's health2015: 15(1), 102.