Intravenous carbetocin shot is superior to oxytocin infusion for placental delivery in second trimester abortion: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Elsafty MS

Hassanin AS

Laban M

Ibrahim AM

Ahmed WU

Abou Elnoor AA

Sep 2015


To study the efficacy of 100 μg intravenous shot of carbetocin compared to 20 IU oxytocin intravenous infusion to prevent placental retention in second trimester medical termination of pregnancy.


A double-blinded randomized controlled trial was conducted at Ain Shams University Maternity Hospital from 1 April 2013 to 30 November 2013. A total of 132 women between 14 and 24 weeks gestation indicated for termination were randomized to receive either 20 IU oxytocin infusion (n = 66) or 100 μg carbetocin shot (n = 66) after fetal expulsion. Patients were observed for time elapsed between fetal and placental expulsion, presence of placental retention and blood loss.


Third stage was 33.4 ± 20.4 min in oxytocin group & 23.1 ± 16.8 min in carbetocin group (p = 0.002). Eight patients (12.1%) in oxytocin group had complete placental retention versus two patients (3.0%) in carbetocin group (p = 0.05). Eight patients (13.8%) received oxytocin had remnants of placenta compared to four patients (6.2%) received carbetocin (p = 0.04). Sixteen patients (24.2%) received oxytocin and six patients (9%) received carbetocin needed surgical curettage (p = 0.04). Third stage blood loss was 87.2 ± 33.7 ml in carbetocin and 206.9 ± 35.2 ml in oxytocin groups (p = 0.001).


Carbetocin is superior to oxytocin infusion for management of placental delivery in second trimester abortion.