Intubation and intensive care after laminaria anaphylaxis in second-trimester abortion.

McQuade M, Barbour K, Betstadt S, Harrington A

American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Aug 2019

Laminaria are cervical dilators inserted for several days preceding second-trimester abortions and other uterine procedures. Our patient was intubated after a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction to laminaria prior to her surgical abortion. Abortions with laminaria dilators are frequently performed outpatient across the United States. Due to stigma, increasing restrictions, and forced closure of family planning clinics, these procedures are often obtained covertly and remotely. Patients may present obtunded, in shock, without records or proxy, and with no external evidence of the allergen's location or continued presence. Emergency and critical care physicians may consider this etiology in obtunded women with anaphylaxis who are responding poorly to standard care.