Misoprostol (alone) in second trimester terminations of pregnancy: as effective as Gemeprost?

Nor Azlin MI

Abdullah HS

Zainul Rashid MR

Jamil MA

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Aug 2006


Gemeprost (Cervagem) has been used widely compared with Misoprostol (Cytotec) alone in second trimester pregnancy termination. This prospective randomised trial was to evaluate the efficacy of intravaginal Misoprostol (alone) and Gemeprost in second trimester termination of pregnancy. A total of 54 women with 27 on each arm were involved. A total of 25 patients (92.6%) in the Misoprostol group and 22 patients (81.5%) in the Gemeprost group delivered within 48 h. The Misoprostol group delivered earlier, although average number of tablets required were similar. The side-effects were not significant between the two groups in fact, but there was more pyrexia in the Gemeprost group (p = 0.004). Misoprostol in second trimester termination of pregnancy is clinically as effective and less costly than the standard regimen of Gemeprost.