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Format: 2023

Hartwig SA, Youm A, Contreras A, Lathrop E, Cwiak C, Stidham Hall K

May 2023 more

Hendrix T, Roncoroni J, Magdamo B, Whitaker S, Zareba K, and Grieco N

Women's Health Report,
May 2023 more

Kimport K, Landau C, Sella S

Patient Education and Counseling,
Jul 2022 more

De Zordo S, G Zanini, Mishtal J, Garnsey C, A-K Ziegler, Gerdts C

BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,
Apr 2021 more

Martino A, Zanini G, Capelli I, Mishtal J, Rahmn L, De Zordo S

Medical Anthropology Quarterly,
Jun 2020 more

Young YY, Thompson TA, Cohen DC, Blanchard K

Mar 2020 more

Johannsson E


Argov E


Langston A


Yager A


Searing H


Liu Y

May 2019 more